Metacaulk Composite Sheet คอมโพสิตกันไฟลามและควัน

Metacaulk Composite Sheet is hard fire-resistive panel for sealing penetrations/restoring fire rating to floors/ceilings/walls with penetrating openings. Intumescent material bonded to steel sheet that chars/slows heat transfer when exposed to fire.


  • Intumesces (expands with heat) to form a refractory char that tightly seals penetrations against flame spread, smoke and toxic fumes. UL Classified. Provides up to a 4 hour fire rating
  • Lightweight, thin sheets are easy to handle, cut and form to desired or irregular shape
  • Easy to install using common trade tools- fasten, bolt punch or drill through using self-tapping screws or anchor bolts. No mixing or damming for clean install. Cost effective- high performance vs. installed cost and is Re-enterable
  • Non-flame supporting and Thermally conductive: allows unwanted heat build-up to escape.
  • No VOC’s and Normal disposal procedures.

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