Metacaulk MC1200 Firestop Sealant ยาแนวกันไฟลามและควัน

All grades of Metacaulk 1200 are single-component, general-use fire-rated sealant for construction joints. Cures to elastomeric membrane seal suitable for dynamic movement areas. Prevents spread of flames/smoke/hot gas/water through joint openings.


  • Minimum 3 Year Shelf Life and Protected in a wet stage as well as in a dry stage against mold growth with a combination of biocides.
  • Paintable, VOC compliant, Excellent Freeze-thaw and Water based
  • Rated for up to 4 hrs in accordance with ASTM E1966/UL 2079 (Tests for Fire Resistance of Building Joint Systems) standards. Cycled 500 times, meeting new ASTM E 1399 standard. Tested in accordance with ASTM E 814 (UL1479) for systems up to 3 hours.
  • No dilution or mixing is required for use.
  • Sprayable, brushable trowelable caulkable & pourable- mastic grade for efficient installation on long joint runs, self-leveling for horizontal use when fast installation is needed & caulk grade for easy-to-apply non-sag sealant using caulk gun/trowel
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